Is mental health spiritual?

This is one question, I have often heard asked in the Church, especially in my Nigerian community. Your response will depend on which perspective you are looking at it from. Let’s see how we can do justice to it from both a biblical and professional perspective.

Ephesians 6:12 reminds us that we “…not fighting against flesh and blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in the dark world, and against evil spirits in heavenly places.” (NLT). So, the answer to that question is yes, mental health is spiritual, as well as everything else that we must deal with in life. The moment we start to view life from the lens of Ephesians 6:12, Challenges become clearer to tackle.

In the case of mental health, what we see displayed by individuals who struggle, is their minds way of making sense of this spiritual warfare, disguised as childhood trauma, parental curses and so on. And just as God has given medical doctors the gift of being able to help patients with medical issues, on the other hand we also have those in the mental health field, who have been gifted to help individuals make sense of their world and situations. Granted, there have been a lot of stigmas around mental health but I think in the past few years we are coming to the point where people are getting informed and are therefore equipped to seek help for themselves and loved ones that may be struggling.

Just remember that it is okay to seek professional help. Now more than any other time, we have people that have been trained to cater to your mental health needs, whether Christian or non-Christian. I work in a secular setting and provide both Christian and non-Christian therapy.


Be a General in your own army!

There are moments in our lives when we feel we have been called to a huge task of serving God, or walking in our purpose on a very large platform. What we have really been called to is to bloom in whatever scale or capacity that God will have us.
My family and I get into intense discussions about God and what we have been called to do as Christians today. My husband made a statement about being a general in your own army. He made me understand that I am a one man/woman army in my chosen career or field and to effectively affect lives for Christ in that field, I have to take charge in the way I do my job, approach and deal with people.
I never really saw that I was being the general in my own army.
How is your army? How are you leading the fight for God.  Can your co-workers  or your associates look at your life and say you are indeed a general? The Bible reminds us to be diligent in all we do. Focus on God’s word, thrive where you are planted, stop looking for a world stage when God has said your purpose is right there in your job, career or business.

Lots of love,



2020, the year that took alot by surprise. The year that would go down in history as a time that everyone saw how quickly the world could be held at a standstill. The year that most people would say was their worst year yet, or a year that they would like to erase. However, truthful as a lot of the claims may sound, I beg to differ. 2020, was a great year for my family and I in so many ways, and I’m so thankful that I can say in 2020, as people experienced a casting down, there was a lifting up for my household. So as we begin this new year 2021, may it be an even better year, may it bring us every blessing that has been promised to us. I pray for you that this year you fully understand your purpose and pursue God like never before. Happy New Year!!!


God chaser…

“Hey lady, why are you such a God chaser? I mean, there is nothing wrong with that. I just love how you love God and pursue Him with all of your being. I guess that’s why God answers your prayers whenever you pray.”

It feels good to get compliments about my faith and I am very careful not to let that get in my way because my focus is Christ alone.  I need to do His will, for I was created for that sole purpose.

But why am I a God chaser?

Have you ever experienced any form of rejection and felt like no one cared, even when you went out of your way to please them? Have you ever felt looked down on by those who are supposed to love you and cheer you on yet don’t? Have you ever felt used, abused and made fun of because of your uniqueness? Have you ever felt you were not good enough or you have missed so many chances in your life? If you answered yes to all of the above, then you are quite on your way to understanding why I chase God the way I do.

In Christ alone, I came to understand my worth and value. In Christ alone I came to embrace my uniqueness, realizing that it was all part of His purpose for what He has planned for me on this earth.
Understand that there’s nothing wrong with the desire to be wanted, loved and cherished, for as humans, we were created that way. But when you learn to allow God love on you and direct your path, He brings the right people into your life.

Humans vs. Covid-19

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the human soul. There was a time when I looked through those windows and saw bright lights of peace and joy. Now all I see dear humans is fear, anxiety, distrust, and uncertainty. And the only culprit to this despicable twist is this unseen enemy called Covid-19! So as we stand in this courtroom to deliberate over the humans vs. Covid-19 case, I find the defendant guilty of all charges.

However beautiful humans, need I remind you that this unseen enemy doesn’t have to dim your light so low if you would look up to the ONE who promises to give you peace like the world has not seen and cannot understand. 

Be safe under His wings,

Rachel Ochieng.