2020, the year that took alot by surprise. The year that would go down in history as a time that everyone saw how quickly the world could be held at a standstill. The year that most people would say was their worst year yet, or a year that they would like to erase. However, truthful as a lot of the claims may sound, I beg to differ. 2020, was a great year for my family and I in so many ways, and I’m so thankful that I can say in 2020, as people experienced a casting down, there was a lifting up for my household. So as we begin this new year 2021, may it be an even better year, may it bring us every blessing that has been promised to us. I pray for you that this year you fully understand your purpose and pursue God like never before. Happy New Year!!!


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God chaser…

“Hey lady, why are you such a God chaser? I mean, there is nothing wrong with that. I just love how you love God and pursue Him with all of your being. I guess that’s why God answers your prayers whenever you pray.”

It feels good to get compliments about my faith and I am very careful not to let that get in my way because my focus is Christ alone.  I need to do His will, for I was created for that sole purpose.

But why am I a God chaser?

Have you ever experienced any form of rejection and felt like no one cared, even when you went out of your way to please them? Have you ever felt looked down on by those who are supposed to love you and cheer you on yet don’t? Have you ever felt used, abused and made fun of because of your uniqueness? Have you ever felt you were not good enough or you have missed so many chances in your life? If you answered yes to all of the above, then you are quite on your way to understanding why I chase God the way I do.

In Christ alone, I came to understand my worth and value. In Christ alone I came to embrace my uniqueness, realizing that it was all part of His purpose for what He has planned for me on this earth.
Understand that there’s nothing wrong with the desire to be wanted, loved and cherished, for as humans, we were created that way. But when you learn to allow God love on you and direct your path, He brings the right people into your life.

Humans vs. Covid-19

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the human soul. There was a time when I looked through those windows and saw bright lights of peace and joy. Now all I see dear humans is fear, anxiety, distrust, and uncertainty. And the only culprit to this despicable twist is this unseen enemy called Covid-19! So as we stand in this courtroom to deliberate over the humans vs. Covid-19 case, I find the defendant guilty of all charges.

However beautiful humans, need I remind you that this unseen enemy doesn’t have to dim your light so low if you would look up to the ONE who promises to give you peace like the world has not seen and cannot understand. 

Be safe under His wings,

Rachel Ochieng.


Over the course of my life I have met people who felt comfortable enough with me to share details about events in their life. I know a woman who chatted with me for hours and I’ll be honest it really felt like a one way conversation; mostly from her end. I listened quietly and sensed that all she needed in that moment was a listening ear.

Scripture tells us to take every thought captive so I had to reflect on my initial judgment of that woman because it was wrong. I’m reminded of the story of the two brothers in Luke 15:11-32 which is more commonly known as the parable of the prodigal son. We know the story by now. Son wants his share of wealth and wants to explore the world. Dad lets him leave. He squanders his wealth but returns feeling ashamed. However, dad forgives him and throws a big party. On the other hand there is the part about the older brother who was dutiful to dad during the younger brother’s hiatus into the unknown. Older brother wasn’t too pleased about dad’s quickness to forgive. He felt dad owed him a party for being the “good son” and dad was rewarding bad behavior.

My book “Grace in Adversity’ explores this dynamic in detail and the story is as relevant today as ever before. I was the older brother. The dutiful one. I used to be that person who would look at others and say, at least I am not like them, or God owes me because I have been nothing but good. How foolish I was. Thank God for where I am today, for how He has delivered me from that legalistic mindset. Let me invite you to check your heart and ask God to help free you from every form of legalism so that you can be more empathetic with individuals that He brings your way, both believers and non-believers.

Book readers, Check out my book on Amazon, and I would love to hear from you after you read it.


Rachel Ochieng(Sosasmama)


“But now,” he said, “take your money and a traveler’s bag. And if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one!

Luke 22:36 NLT

The sword here refers to the word of God. Jesus is telling His disciples to grab hold of the most important thing on the journey they were about to embark on.

-How do you then sharpen your sword(The word) once you have it?

Study to show yourself approved…(2Tim 2:15). The word you put in now will come handy for when it is needed.
Use this time as your study time. While memorizing is good, don’t beat yourself up when you are not able to. When you put it there, the Holy Spirit will bring it out of you when it is needed.

-Why do we need this sword(word)?

It’s an emblem of authority, power, triumph & protection.

In Summary,  Jesus is reminding us to travel light,
to set aside every weight that slows us down(Heb.12:1),  but most importantly, to have His word in our hearts.

Be safe under His wings.