A wayward person is someone who is difficult to control or predict because of their unusual or perverse behavior.

God called the children of the Israelites in Jeremiah 3 wayward as He pleaded for them to come back to Him. As I read through the first few chapters of Jeremiah, I couldn’t help but think of believers who were once on fire for Christ yet because of different circumstances, they purposefuly walked away. Similarly, I thought of my own personal walk with God. There are times I’ve faltered. There are times I’ve felt overwhelmed. Yet in the midst of it all I’ve felt God lead me back despite my uncertainty.

People have their reasons for abandoning God. Sometimes it’s actually because they feel God abandoned them first in their hour of need. However, just as God pleaded with the Children of the Israelites, He is calling and pleading with you to return home, repent of your sins and ask Him back into your heart.

“Behold I stand at the door and knock…” (Revelations 3:20). He is calling you to come back to him so he can “heal your wayward hearts.” ( Jeremiah 3:22). And He Himself will direct you to the right shepherd who will guide you with knowledge and understanding. Will you yield to that call, before it is too late?

God is always willing to listen. God is always willing to give you a chance. I can’t stress it enough. Read the word of God for yourself rather than rely on what others tell you.

Thanks for stopping by and as you read through this, it is my prayer that it speaks to the depth of your soul.

Remain blessed.
Rachel Ochieng.



Tonight we read a few parables that Jesus told his disciples and my husband asked our daughter whether she understood the one about Jesus telling the people to remove the plank out of their own eye before worrying about the speck in another’s eye. My daughter couldn’t have explained it better. She said “It’s about people minding their own business.”

The Bible calls for deeper thinking, deeper understanding and more importantly an open heart for the Holy Spirit to reveal the things that are hidden.

The Holy Spirit’s invitation for me is to draw deeper into the knowledge of God. 
It is God’s invitation for me to come away from shallow thinking and rise as He desires to take me deeper, to show me more of His plans for my life.
Dear heavenly Father, I ask this day for the grace to answer to this call to go deeper with you, to come away from shallow thinking and dig for the truth.. For there is more in going deeper. Amen 

Rachel Ochieng



I know I’m not the only one but there are times that the pastor’s message on Sunday cuts deeper and is more relatable than other times. I have learned that these are the times God is communicating something specific about my life and I need to value that message even more. To continue the theme from last night, as believers we are constantly at war and fighting unseen battles. Jesus certainly doesn’t mean that we should be nervous or on edge constantly, but that we should be aware and not ignorant of real spiritual threats that have serious consequences if we do not heed his advice.

1 Peter 5:8-9 RSV

“Be sober, be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. 9 RESISIT him, firm in your FAITH…

We are not prey but the predators. We are not the hunted but the hunter. We are mighty warriors, fully equipped with all that we need to take down the enemy who is constantly at war with us to steal our joy make us feel miserable, hate ourselves and question or doubt God’s promises for us.

I am constantly reminded that my fight is not against what I see but against the unseen.

So dear Lord, today as I am reminded about my fight, I thank you that the battle has already been won. I thank you for your grace that enables me to keep keeping on when I feel like giving up. I ask that your word will continue to be a constant reminder for me that anything happening in the present or future will not be surprise but part of your will.

I pray also for my friends who will read this today and that they too will come to find solace in your word, knowing that you are holding us all up. We have all been equipped for the battle before us. We thank you dear Lord that victory is ours in Jesus name.

Rachel aka Sosasmama.

Know your enemy

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The devil! There is none more charming and ruthless than you yet I choose not to believe your lies. Your smooth talking and coaxing will never convince me from staying true to the God I serve. When I realized it was my mind that you wanted I declared war on you to never give in to your ways. They say your greatest trick was convincing people that you are not real. That even if you existed, you were the stereotypical caricature with the red face, horns and pitchfork. You were reduced to a simple cartoon but I have grown deeper in the word to know your subtle tricks. No longer am I a victim of your perverse ways but I am now an heir to the throne of God. You may have come to plunder my spirit with your lies, deceipt and murderous ways but even in my lowest of lows my God has lifted me up from the depths of despair.


“For we are not contending/wrestling against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

I finally know my enemy and with Jesus by my side I will defeat Satan with every fiber of my being.



As you’ve probably noticed, most of my Bible quotes are from the Gospel of Luke. My goal was to take time and study the word of God more so I thought what better place to start than to get to know Jesus. It’s also a personal challenge for me to study Bible books that I’ve heard of or read about in passing but never really critically studied. My prayer is that you may also learn from it and be inspired to pursue your goals with renewed energy.  For now that’s what I’m doing and it’s helping me stay focussed and consistent.

While doing my bible study I write down important verses and classify them into three simple categories.

  1. Does the verse speak directly to ME? If so, what does it ask me to do.  Usually it’s a directive to do something specific (take action) or for me to react a specific way (emotionally; for instance through self control).
  2. Does the verse teach me how to directly relate to OTHER PEOPLE? Should I love them, Warn them, Be patient with them, teach them?
  3. Does the verse talk about GOD, Jesus or the Holy Spirit? What does it say about their Character? Are they Loving, gentle. kind? What is their function in my life and how can I relate to it to help others?

The list above is interchangeable but it’s allowed me to FOCUS more on what my RESPONSIBILITY is in the context of what the verse is talking about. I even made an acronym as a reminder.


ummm….I need to revise that to remind me of something more pleasant than a morgue!


Everyone loves Gum.

Make your Bible study more practical to suit your needs. If your method is simply to memorize a verse and use that as inspiration throughout the day so be it. The beauty about God is that He will meet you exactly where you are. Always remember it’s not by works but by the spirit of God. You are not alone so let God help you.