Over the course of my life I have met people who felt comfortable enough with me to share details about events in their life. I know a woman who chatted with me for hours and I’ll be honest it really felt like a one way conversation; mostly from her end. I listened quietly and sensed that all she needed in that moment was a listening ear.

Scripture tells us to take every thought captive so I had to reflect on my initial judgment of that woman because it was wrong. I’m reminded of the story of the two brothers in Luke 15:11-32 which is more commonly known as the parable of the prodigal son. We know the story by now. Son wants his share of wealth and wants to explore the world. Dad lets him leave. He squanders his wealth but returns feeling ashamed. However, dad forgives him and throws a big party. On the other hand there is the part about the older brother who was dutiful to dad during the younger brother’s hiatus into the unknown. Older brother wasn’t too pleased about dad’s quickness to forgive. He felt dad owed him a party for being the “good son” and dad was rewarding bad behavior.

My book “Grace in Adversity’ explores this dynamic in detail and the story is as relevant today as ever before. I was the older brother. The dutiful one. I used to be that person who would look at others and say, at least I am not like them, or God owes me because I have been nothing but good. How foolish I was. Thank God for where I am today, for how He has delivered me from that legalistic mindset. Let me invite you to check your heart and ask God to help free you from every form of legalism so that you can be more empathetic with individuals that He brings your way, both believers and non-believers.

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Rachel Ochieng(Sosasmama)


“But now,” he said, “take your money and a traveler’s bag. And if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one!

Luke 22:36 NLT

The sword here refers to the word of God. Jesus is telling His disciples to grab hold of the most important thing on the journey they were about to embark on.

-How do you then sharpen your sword(The word) once you have it?

Study to show yourself approved…(2Tim 2:15). The word you put in now will come handy for when it is needed.
Use this time as your study time. While memorizing is good, don’t beat yourself up when you are not able to. When you put it there, the Holy Spirit will bring it out of you when it is needed.

-Why do we need this sword(word)?

It’s an emblem of authority, power, triumph & protection.

In Summary,  Jesus is reminding us to travel light,
to set aside every weight that slows us down(Heb.12:1),  but most importantly, to have His word in our hearts.

Be safe under His wings.


The past is a forgotten memory. The present is full of endless possibilities. I am a new man TODAY.

GENESIS 1: 1-2
“In the beginning God CREATED the heavens and earth. 2 The earth was formless and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the SPIRIT of God was MOVING over the face of the waters.”

I am holding on to too many things mentally and spiritually and it is time I let go. I’d like to see the creation story as a lesson or example of how to REFRESH ALL aspects of my life. No more looking back. Since NOW is my BEGINNING, God can CREATE something beautiful out of me out of NOTHING. I am a clean slate. I am a foundation laid down preparing for bigger things to happen. I am not tied down to my past failures or insecurities. It does not matter how I feel. What matters is me making the first steps towards recovery and AWAY from the darkness.
Despite the misdirection (FORMLESS) and emptiness (VOID) of the past, despite the lack of vision (DARKNESS) that makes me stumble. the spirit of God still MOVED within me. I must tap into that Spirit because it is what will transform me into a new man.

My Son is changing as well. He is not the helpless boy I once held in my arms. He is just over a year old now and so full of life. He is walking confidently and doing his best to navigate around our small apartment. A few months earlier I was thrilled when he was finally able to sit up by himself and now he expresses himself in so many different ways. There is meaning in his squeals, shouts, and grunts. The look of recognition he gives me when he says “DADA” warms my heart in ways I can’t express.

Scripture says we are God’s children no matter how old we are and I can see a glimpse of the tenderness God shows us despite our faults. God is so quick to forgive because we are little children. He nurtures us, advices us and guides us into spiritual maturity so that we can stop doing childish things.
My son looks forward to each morning and I must do the same. Nothing is guaranteed and so I must value EVERY MOMENT God gives me. No more excuses, but more importantly no more dwelling on the past. I am a new man.

Genesis 1: 3-4
And God said, “Let there be LIGHT” : and there was light. 4 And God saw that the light was good: and God SEPARATED the light from the darkness.”

I must speak things into existence and part of my responsibility is to say that I DO NOT WANT DARKNESS IN MY LIFE. Make bold statements not simply as a mantra but a way to make it part of my spritual fabric. Let light be embedded into your skin like blood flowing through your veins. There is a clear distinction between LIGHT and darkness and the ONLY way to keep darkness out is to introduce the LIGHT. Therefore, focus on the things that bring out the light in you. Leave the things that feel good in the moment yet only leave your heart dark and empty.
⦁ God has the ability to CREATE something out of nothing. The CREATION story is a story of TRANSFORMATION and CHANGE.
⦁ It is no surprise that God created light first. My spiritual eyes must be OPEN/ AWAKENED in order for me to see my transformation.
CREATED LIGHT; separated light from darkness, Day and night

“Slow Down.”

On my way to work one morning I was caught in traffic, which seemed to have appeared out of thin air. One minute I’m cruising down my usual route and the next minute, without warning, I’m in the middle of an endless stream of vehicles. As every car slowly plodded along, a few decided to make a U-turn to find an alternate way around our sorry predicament. Their decision to turn back seemed very strange to me because a different way would actually take longer to get to their destination. As painful as it was to sit through that traffic I knew it was my only bet to get to work in time.

A thought clearly crossed my mind in that moment about our predicament as human beings. Are we willing sometimes to wait for the right moment before we make a decision or want something? Do we make impulsive decisions that only take us back to where we started thinking we are actually moving forward?

Considering how bad the traffic was that first few minutes we inched our way forward and shortly thereafter everything went back to normal. Whatever was causing the traffic jam wasn’t that serious at all!

When you find yourself at a crossroads don’t be quick to make a U-turn. There are benefits in the waiting and not every pause in your life is bad or negative. The “slow down” moment doesn’t mean you are not working hard enough or things aren’t going your way. It might mean just that…slow down.



Earth is a representation of something grander and greater. Something so beyond our imagination that I believe we live only a small piece of it. Our lives on earth are a mirror image of what happens in the spiritual realm and teach us about our RELATIONSHIP with God.

Like every parent, I’ve witnessed my ups and downs and I try to look at my failures as teaching moments not just for my daughter but for me as well. The bible says that we should see our challenges more like spiritual battles because it focuses our energy on the enemy satan rather than the person. But boy is it hard sometimes!!

2 Corinthians 10:4

For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds”

I had a situation with my daughter that really disappointed me. I let her know that I loved her regardless and the grace I extended to her made me realize how much God loves us even though we make serious mistakes. I still needed to challenge the real enemy who was coming in to destroy my bond with my daughter. I caught a glimpse of the picture of God’s love.  I knew it was always there but this experience made me see it in a different light. I was reminded how God feels when the devil messes with his children (us). God is fiercely protective and I was in a similar situation.

The devil hates God and will do all that he can do to get at him by coming at us, knowing that it will upset God. But hold fast. God will never give up on us if we have faith in him. He has given us victory through his son, Jesus so that when we fight for our loved ones we fight from a place of victory.

Rachel Ochieng.