I’m currently reading Joyce Meyer’s book “Making Good Habits Breaking Bad Habits” and one part that stood out to me was where she stressed on the importance of laughter as part of a good happy habit.

“…but there are many things that we let make us sad when it would be better if we laughed more.”


Good books always make me reminisce about my past and how far God has brought me. He really has restored to me the years I lost in ways at the time I could never have imagined coming out from. I am genuinely happy and thankful for my family. My husband switching from serious to goofy is part of his unique personality and a delight to watch first hand. Similarly, my daughter teaches me to find joy in little things and that simple trait in my eyes is out of this world. Then I have my son who is just a bundle of energy radiating with joy and happiness rolled into one. He goes about his day without a care in the world, trusting that mommy and daddy will provide and catch him when he falls. I see why God says to us to be like little children.

On days I feel out of character by worrying about tomorrow that is really not promised, I learn through watching my family to be in the present and trust that God has started good work which he will complete. Yes, what more can a girl ask for?

A grateful heart.