My daughter is the most precious person to me. She has witnessed my ups and downs more than anyone else and even though she is ten she has the maturity of an adult. Last summer I went to Colorado for a week to complete my residency and even though I spoke to my husband (then boy friend)) frequently, I longed to get a call from my daughter without being the one to always call and check up on her. Anyway, after a week I got back and went to pick her up from her friend’s house and on the ride back home I told her how I missed her and I was upset that she didn’t even acknowledge that she missed me and it hurt me. Here I was trying to guilt trip my own daughter. Shame! Shame! Instead of ignoring me or pretending like she had missed me to make it up, she sat up straight in her chair and said, “Mom I’m sorry I didn’t miss you as much as you wanted me to.” There was that maturity once more kicking in at the most unexpected time and I had to stay silent and ponder her words all the way home.

There will come a time when she will have to leave home and when that time comes I will be sad but confident that she can take care of herself.  But am I not just like my little girl in the presence of God? I am guilty of becoming too familiar with God that I do not seek him daily. I only do it when I feel ike it. I’m so comfortable with God that I do not pursue him anymore. We only approach God when we need him to do something for us because after all he is the great supplier of what we want!

Children will be children, it’s my responsibility as a parent to take care of my daughter but on that day, I feel God was communicating something very important to me about my relationship with him. I needed to search my heart and not become so complacent. Was I just reaching out to God for the blessings or seeking him to have a relationship with him. God delights in our presence in all that we do no matter how small it may seem. It doesn’t have to be so grand but simply acknowledging that “God. I know you love me. I know you want what is best for me. Guide me through this day.”

Psalm 14:2

“The Lord looks down from Heaven on all mankind to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God.”

I pray that as you go about your week may God fill you with the desire to Pursue him and all that he is in Jesus name.


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